Wish List

READ ME: Please do not feel like you have to barter an item from this list. The sky is the limit – all I want is for you to enjoy what you are bartering!

Currently hoping for:

Weird and Quirky: I’m trying to move my piano to Toronto and don’t trust a moving company. Know anyone that moves pianos? I could do a 3-way swap!!

For the Barter Babes Party – HELP!

A dress! Any designers/store owners who can help me get a party dress for October!
A projector and screen – party rental places? Media savvy people? Borrow from company?
Gift cards to places I can have photos printed (i.e. Blacks Photography, Wal-Mart etc)
Microphone and speakers – again, party rental places or media savvy people?

Entertainment/Going out – I don’t get out much so anything goes!
Healthy homemade freezable meals

Attempting to spruce up my apartment:
Big (2X2X2) dark brown wicker baskets for storage! Any basket weavers?
Small pull out couch

Services – Always Useful!!
Hair Stylist – cut or colour
Spa – waxing or relaxing
Sewing/knitting – clothes

New theories/ideas on anything!
Conspiracy theories
Cooking/baking lessons
Art/Acting/Singing lessons
Strange Unusual lessons
Health/Fitness workshops
Dance lessons – am hoping for a pole dancing session… never done it.

35 Responses to Wish List

  1. Melinda Reidl says:

    Hi there

    I’m a friend and colleague of Cecilia’s.
    I work in holistic health and healing. I have specialized training in yoga, aromatherapy, holistic health and spiritual advising. I am an avid and skillful cook.
    I can offer
    ~private/personal yoga instruction
    ~home-cooked freezable meals*specialty diets accomodated
    ~cooking instruction
    ~Holistic health consultation
    ~Aromatherapy treatment
    ~Aromatherapy personal consult/workshop

    Kind regards,

  2. Amanda says:

    I want in!
    This is so great that you’re making bartering mainstream again. Kudos woman. I’ll be seeing you soon!
    Great call with the wish list.

  3. Mandi says:

    This is an interesting idea!

    I’m a swing dance instructor and I’m sure you’d really enjoy the fun learning environment we create at Bees’ Knees Dance at Yonge and Bloor. Check us out! http://www.beeskneesdance.com


    Mandi Gould
    Director, Head Dance Instructor
    Bees’ Knees Dance – Anyone Can Danceā„¢
    905-704-0209 / 416-318-2920

  4. Steph says:

    This is AMAZING. I am so happy I found your website! Thank you!!
    How can I barter with you? Also, I want to trade with some of your barter babes! So cool that you give a forum to do that!

  5. Mark says:

    Love this idea… any chance we could get it for guys too? I’ve heard wonderful things about you!

  6. Gargi Patel says:

    Hi there!

    What a fantastic idea, absolutely love it! … I work in cosmetics, I would love to barter my services as well would be more than happy to give you product . I am a leading make-up artist in the industry, I have been with Vasanti Cosmetics for 12 years and am also their head make-up artist.

    Let me know if you’d be interested:)



  7. Jean says:

    My friend Monika told me to look you up.

    I can cook for you. Here’s the link to a blog I kept when I was cooking for my neighbours. http://www.longbranchsupperclub.blogspot.com. This is a very small representation of all I can cook for you.

    I’m interested in completing the financial part of a business plan. I have the creative and day to day aspects covered, but I’m kind of stuck on the number side.

    Please contact me! I love what you’re doing. Three cheers for you!

    Stay at Home Mom,
    soon to be business owner (again)

  8. Ruth says:

    I can make you bread and/or freezable meals. Am making both regularly for the family, so they’re pretty reliable but am not yet good enough to teach.

  9. Monika says:

    HI Shannon,

    I am so ready to barter! Bring on the financial prosperity. In exchange, I will provide you with the full service of the six senses: The Path of Six Senses of Tranquility starts with an aromatherapy massage that includes a full body reading. A body reading will allow you to see and feel the messages that your body has accumulated in your life thus far. We will explore how your body codes past events, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, love, pain, fear, and joy. The senses explored in this treatment include your touch, smell, and intuition. I will provide guided homework to continue with your healing and reconnection to your self that will utilize your senses of taste, sight, and hearing.

    Let the wonderful world of energy exchange begin. Thank you again for meeting with me, I’ve sent on your info to fellow women champions.
    Yours truly,
    Monika, The Healing Muse

  10. Amanda says:

    Excellent intitiative, Shannon.

    Let me know how I can serve you… therapeutic reiki w/aromatherapy or a gentle kripalu yoga session.

    Email sent to inbox.

    Ecstatic about our future connection,

  11. Liz says:


    Just watched City TV news and had to stop by your website to check out what you offer. Interested in the barter program, so will contact with idea of things we can barter for. Great idea

  12. Anastasia says:

    Hi Shannon,

    I so love the idea of barter that I used to work doing outside sale for a long closed barter company. This concept excites me and is so useful and interchangeable and just about anything you can imagine can be acquired thru this system.

    I do nails! I do manicures, pedicures, forearm and calf massages and many different styles of nail art from glass beads, free hand painting, glitter, many styles of French manicures and other accoutrements.

    Please do add me to you list of Barter Babes in need of assistance and I will show you one of the best manicures and pedicures ever!!

    thank you for bartering!!


  13. Kawika Shoe says:

    I praise the work you put in to find life enriching experiences to transform you into a Goddess. I wish we lived in a society where it was a community of bartering.
    I do Acupuncture and chakra detection with the skill-full use of a machine. A great way to know what is out of balance so that you can explore the in and outs of out emotional health. Shyu

  14. Viviana says:

    Heard of you on City news on Monday, (I was in the kitchen cleaning so I didn’t even get to see what you look like), I am in big need of some financial advice. I do have a unique situation which has affected my finances so I’m eager to talk. I also have a few things I could offer in exchange. Great idea!

    Thank goodness we are having a recession, eh? lol


  15. Jen says:


    I want to barter in the Brampton area (but would consider Toronto if the offer is good). I have over 20 years of experience with individuals with special needs, and am a student in the Disability Studies program. Are you looking for someone to help you understand the new legislation about customer service for individuals with disabilities, or how you can make things easier for someone with a disability. I’m your woman!

    I’m also a lover of all things dog! I have puggle in need of some friends at our place. Can offer dog sitting services (with Dylan of course) for an afternoon. The dog must be sociable with other dogs.

  16. Penny Lane says:

    I love this concept. We all have so much to give, and not enough people to give to.
    I am handy with a sewing machine and mending, heming, adjusting clothing, curtains etc. I love teaching others to sew as well. I am also an Interior Designer and would love to help inspire peoples spaces.
    I can offer helpful advice, tips and tricks on the following computer programs: auto-cad and photoshop.

    I would love to talk finances.

    Penny Lane

  17. monica says:

    I just got a fabulous haircut from Rose, who told me about this project.
    I (*bleeping) love this idea!! Amazing!

    I’m a high school english/history teacher and am currently doing a PhD in Educational Technology at the University of Toronto. I’m involved in the growing Open Ed movement and would love to show you new FREE, OPEN and AWESOME collaborative technologies for teaching/learning. As a PhD student, I clearly both make impractical life and financial choices and am desperate need of advice in the area.

    I also make some tasty Slovak meals, if you like various types of dumplings and such;)

    ps – I am actually currently teaching a 3rd year university course (North American Consumer Culture) and I think I’m going to devote some time to talking about this idea in our class — it’s fantastic!

  18. Fatima Hamam says:

    Hi there!

    Awesome idea. I can give you top of the line designer carpet. Shag carpeting, burber, wool, runners, area rugs, broad loom as well as under-padding for carpets. Some of my carpets come as extras from celebrity homes. I have one (clean, unused) that came extra from Queen Elizabeth’s Royal York Suit in downtown Toronto. <–much more!

    contact me, I'm a student trying to start a business!

  19. Vino says:


    This is the greatest idea of life. I would like to barter with you. I am an avid crafter. I can make anything from a greeting cards, scrapbook, jewelery, crochet….or I can teach you how to cook sri lankan food:) I seriously need financial help:)

  20. Kerri Raposo says:

    I can barter, acrylic abstract or scenery paintings, painted in your desired colours on canvas. Also, I love painting rooms, you pick the colour, and I can put it on. I also do technical writing, in case you ever need manuals, procedures written.

  21. Deborah says:

    Just read the article in the Toronto Star and think this is a tremendous idea. I have bartered in the past and think its great. I have 30 years experience in a variety of areas but primarily in employment counselling, life coaching, writing, editing, proofreading and graphic design. I would love to barter these services for haircuts, pedicures (need a business card designed??? brochure???), handywork, yard and lawn work… I would love to talk!

  22. Anonymous says:

    A free flying lesson…? I’m a flight instructor :)

  23. Mahziba Marzbani says:

    A free flying lesson? I’m a flight instructor. :)

  24. Danny Jellis says:

    I have a screen and projector if you still need one. I need someone to work on my new Word Press website.

  25. Chantal says:

    I just saw you on Canada Am. Love It! I am a single mom of 2 young children in London, On. I am a licensed hairstylist, infusion hair extension certified and Make up Artist. Often take course with MAC in T.O I can get discount beauty products at whole sale prices. This is my wish list for your readers: wall paintings, interior painting, furnitures, warm destinations, things for my 2004 Honda civic. Happy trading.
    Happy New Year!

  26. Diane says:

    Hi Shannon,
    Just watched you on Canada Am this morning and am intriqued about this website. I logged on immediately after your spot on television and am impressed with what I see thus far.
    I am interested in bartering my services for various services offered-but unsure where to start?

    My services: I can offer professional tutoring services in English and Social Sciences. Standard fee is fifty dollars an hour, but am willing to barter this wage for other services.
    I am a college instructor here in Toronto; but have had previous experience tutoring all ages-including university and college students.
    I have a Specialists degree from U of T, a college diploma, and a graduate degree from teacher’s college.

    My Wish List
    I am willing to offer one to two hour tutoring sessions for the following:
    -premade healthy lunches and/or dinners
    -knitted gloves and scarves.


  27. Chris says:

    Wow I love this idea!

    I used to do this with my business out west, just wondering if anyone knows of anyone else in the Peterborough or Kawartha area that is interested in doing this? I am a student and have lots of skills and talents that I can offer for bartering as well I would be interested in learning some things that I can’t afford right now.

  28. Nomiszen says:

    What an amazing idea!

    If you need a projector screen, I’ll gladly give you mine in barter, if someone hasn’t already donated one to your cause. I’d also love to write an article about the day-to-day practicalities (and occasional difficulties) of bartering – let me know if you have a moment!


  29. IJ says:


    I heard you on CBC’s the Current this a.m. and am wondering if this project is still going on? Love the idea!

  30. Desiree says:

    I also heard this on CBC this morning…..would love to barter! I am an artist, my media is metal and glass.
    Have my own business in Grimsby, Ontario. If you would like to learn how to weld or plasma cut metal, I am your girl! Also sandblast glass, glasses, wine bottles (full), stone, tile, etc. Would gladly blast a custom piece for you.


  31. Cathy Poole says:

    My 87-year-”young” Mom enthusiastically told me about your programme on CBC Radio this week. I’ve also heard about bartering being done like this in Switzerland, and think that this concept is really fascinating.

    Having lived in Switzerland and Luxembourg years ago, and feeling quite comfortable with the French language, I would be happy to do translations in the Hamilton area in exchange for lessons in computer skills.

    • Barter Babe 1.0 says:

      Hey Cathy!
      So great that you’ve caught the barter-bug.
      The BBP is a personal project I ran last year, however, swapsity.ca is a wonderful online barter exchange with barters all across Canada! You should post up your skills on their free site and start bartering!!

  32. Pixie says:

    Hey! Caught your interview on cityline today and I’d like to get involved. I am a communication consultant and artist and I have been offering my services at a distance since before the turn of the century. I produce sterling silver jewelery, I am an acrylic and water colour artist (google Pixie-Atelier), I write, design, edit, and publish books, I design free websites, I facilitate the creation of visions and action plans for individuals, small businesses, and developing communities, and I am a communication strategist. I love working with kids and I want to teach decision-making to kids using art as a medium for communication. I am looking to barter for travel services, such a flights and accommodations, all over the world, to re-invigorate my travel writing career.

  33. Please contact me for an exchange I have a property proposal

  34. Hello Shannon
    I sent a message to you re Cherryville house with co op ownership for sister business with http://www.wildcraftforest.com and http://www.legendsandlandscapes.com
    my ph # is 250-547-6296 or 250-547-2138.
    I am tring to plan ahead for the wave of the future ,,,,getting back to basics.

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