The Barter Babes Project

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The Barter Babe Project ended in November 2011 – but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped bartering or giving financial advice!

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WHO? All you ladies with self-doubt when it comes to your money!

WHAT? The Barter Babes Project

GOAL? To Barter with 300 women in 1 year.

WHERE? Anywhere! In person in GTA. On Skype if elsewhere!

WHEN? November 2010 – November 2011

HOW? You barter with me for financial advice. You can trade something you’ve made, lessons, a service or product from your business -  whatever! It costs nothing but your time and effort as long as it decreases my discretionary expenses.

Contact me and learn more about the program and how to get started!

WHY? Because we want to confirm that we are making the right financial choices for ourselves… and most of us can’t afford professional advice yet.

Am I Crazy? Only on Sundays


Tax Consequences: Your barter transaction may be taxable if the good/service you provide is of the kind generally provided by you in the course of earning income from a business or a profession carried on by you.


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