In Search of A White Wall

In Search of A White Wall

I’m shooting the Barter Babes video this week and all I need for this one IMPORTANT scene is a completely white wall as a backdrop. After searching the city, I found a perfect white wall at Queen and Denison. I coordinated with  all people involved in the shot, the videographer, make up, you name it. Strategic Planning – one of my fortes…usually.

Everything was set two days ago and then all hell broke loose with 24 hours until we shoot that scene.

“Hell” includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. The sun sets at 6:25pm. This is not good for the shot, we need natural light. I call my girls to ensure everyone can be there to shoot at 5:00pm after work.

2. Two of my models can’t come until 6 – 6:15 due to their commute. Crap!

3. Go to Queen and Denison to see if there is a proper streetlamp on my white wall and – oh… two local artists are finishing up their brand new mural and the wall is now a large mural of the Queen 501 streetcar.

Off to find a new white wall, 24 hours until shoot. Unprepared, in heels, I begin walking for several hours. I attempt to find two replacement models and search in the back of every ally in the downtown core of Toronto for a white wall. I have been off of a steady salary for over a month now and have $0.35 in my wallet and a balance of $3.67 in my chequing account. The TTC doesn’t take interac so busking for streetcar fare is looking like a great idea right now. I start to think of what skills I could bust out on Queen. Alas… I’ve left my piano at home today, so I have no street-transferable skills.

After 4 hours, I have no replacement models and no wall. Nothing. It’s 5:00 pm –  I give up.

Cell phone dies. FML.

And now….the long walk home.  I’m wearing newish boots (bought while I still had a salary).  Still breaking them in- ouch!

Get home. Seriously debate using my unpainted living room as a white backdrop. Finally, I decide it’s over and call everyone  to tell them  the shoot is off for tomorrow. We are out of a place to shoot, I haven’t found replacements yet and  “would you mind coming out on Saturday?” *biting nails*

Everyone’s in!!!!!! I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief… I work with the best people!!!

Lesson learned: Say goodbye to public transportation for the duration of this project! BRING COMFY SHOES!

Some sick part of me loves it – this is what I wanted!!!

Until next time… Barter On Babes!

Barter Babe 1.0

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