Tax Return: Boourns.


Well, tax season is officially over. I came, I claimed and I said “boooouuurns” Last year, my old company dutifully took off enough tax, CPP and EI for someone making a full annual salary. Since I ended my job early, … Continue reading

A Communist Fascist

Both Directions

In wake of the Canadian election last night, I can’t help but write about it. I know that mixing business with politics is a dangerous game. As dangerous as bringing up religion or abortion at a dinner party where you … Continue reading

A Woman Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Thin

Wallis Simpson

I went to the emergency room last week. Yep. So dramatic for no reason. Sigh – never a dull moment in my life these days! After many months of inactivity (besides my bartered workouts) and tasty-bad-for-the-waistline- bartered food, I decided … Continue reading

A Monster Made Me Sick


I went on this week. Typed in “Financial Advisor” “Toronto” and hit the search button. As I scrolled through the listings of future jobs that could be mine, I felt sick to my stomach. I had a palpable vision … Continue reading



I feel like Gerard Butler in 300. An insurmountable quest, no sleep, constantly pushing back the Persians… only instead of Persians, it’s sleep I’m pushing back. Instead of trying to save Sparta, I’m trying to save my sanity. He had … Continue reading