Group Sessions

Although one-on-one financial advice is invaluable, group sessions are a great way to deliver important money facts en mass.

I don’t use jargon, or ridiculously impressive-looking graphs that make me feel smarter. I deliver financial education and advice in totally understandable ways.

I have been doing group money sessions for employees of large corporations, small corporations, universities, sororities and more!!

The result? Financial understanding!!!! Hurrah! With a dose of funny.

Money doesn’t have to be boring, scary and intimidating! I promise.

If you’d like to have me come for a group session, I  give the following talks:

  • Personal Finance 101: From debt to savings and all that’s in between.
  • Investing – Where to even begin?
  • Business: Sole Proprietor? Partnership? Corporation?
  • Money Map Session – each person there gets a personalized analysis (for groups of 10 or less)
  • Money and Fear – Our biology makes us afraid of money!
  • Barter Babe – bartering as a way to spend less on your credit card!

Contact me at to book!

Past Group Talks

  • IBM Canada
  • Women and the Law Society
  • Real Food Real Kids
  • Bishops University Alumni Group
  • Beta Sigma Phi Sorority


One Response to Group Sessions

  1. Hi Shannon

    I’ve been tracking your blog & enjoying your tweets.
    Love the Barter Babes concepts & curious re: your group rates…might like to host some financial-planning sessions here at our studio (where we normally teach DIY workshops & sometimes small biz seminars).

    I’m also wondering, if you’re still bartering or if you’re all booked up & finito with trading your services as of the end of 2011.
    Please let me know & kudos for pulling off such a cool year of swapping adventures & authentic, big-hearted sharing of your brainy tips…I think you’ve inspired a lot of people.

    Bye for now,
    Nathalie-Roze :]

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