Money Fears

Money can be scary. We all have fears when it comes to our money. Here’s a place where we can air out our fears about money and take comfort in the fact that others are just as worried! I’ll be posting money fears as they come in. You’re not alone!!

If you’d like to share your money fear please email me at If you’d like to remain anonymous, log into gmail with username: password: barterbabe to email me.

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Money Fear 12: Retirement! Enough said.

Or if not enough said: no one has one job for 30 years and a giant pension like in the good old days. Most cool jobs don’t even contribute to a pension at all. What to do? Also: paying for kids to go to university on top of it all. AAAAAAAHHHH!

Money Fear 11: My parents are giving me dated advice I think… or I fear.

Money Fear 10: TAXES – I am, was and always will be afraid of owing taxes.

Money Fear 9: I’m worried I’m going to run out of my inheritance and be left with nothing.

Money Fear 8: I feel like I have no control over what I spend every month.

Money Fear 7: This isn’t really a fear, but I hate hate hate that my friends always want to go to really expensive clubs and bars. If I don’t go, I have no friends. If I go, I’m screwing over my savings. So frustrating.

Money Fear 6: I’m afraid I’ve screwed up my credit rating and won’t be able to get approved for a mortgage.

Money Fear 5: I panic when I think about my investments. I’m don’t understand what I’m invested in.

Money Fear 4: I’m worried that I’ll have to rent forever.

Money Fear 3: I’m don’t ever talk about money with my husband.

Money Fear 2: I worry that I’ll have my debt forever.

Money Fear 1: I’m afraid that I’m never going to make enough money to travel.

3 Responses to Money Fears

  1. Teri says:

    Please help, I have no good common sense when it comes to money, and have passed this onto my daughter. How do I get to speak with you to possibly barter or pay you for your services? Thanks hope to hear from you soon…please HELP!!!!!

  2. Sharon Johnson says:

    I would like to become a barter babe. I can offer interior design services.

  3. Jane Crosby says:

    I think this business is wonderful, but I live in Ottawa. How does this work for me?

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