What to barter?… the ultimate question

I’ve just finished my first “official” week of bartering and I LOVE my new radical life! No matter how late I stay up working, it’s really rewarding to get out there and actually DO what I said I was going to.

So far, Barter Babes have left our Money Map sessions feeling excited about their new financial plans regardless of their current financial situation. Feeling excited and motivated about your money is so important, and these Babes are unstoppable!

Week 1 Barters

Barter Babe 22.0 – Bartered for homemade brownies and blondies. Was going away for a girls weekend and I was in charge of desserts so this Barter Babe provided delicious baked goods for dessert for both nights!

Barter Babe 23.0 – Bartered for a huge homemade lasagna which will feed my partner and I for weeks to come. In fact, we had some for dinner Wednesday night… so  friggin’  good!

Barter Babe 24.0 – Bartered for graphic design services from www.grayspoon.com. She suggested that we barter for some upcoming investment education visual aids.  Smart lady!

Barter Babe 25.0 – Bartered for a custom made dietary meal plan as a birthday present for a family member who has just been diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic. This meant so much to me, and my family.

Barter Babe 26.0 – Bartered for a therapeutic massage with an RMT at Village Spas in Etobicoke! I’m so excited about this. I’m booked at the spa within the next 2 weeks! (Photo to come)

Barter Babe 27.0 – Bartered for a Value Village personal shopping session with a Barter Babe who finds the best outfits at VV. (Photo/montage to come soon)

Barter Babe 28.0 – Bartered for a private guided tour of the AGO! I can’t wait!  I’ve been such a slacker and haven’t been to the AGO in ages. (Photo to come when we do the tour)

With every session, I’ve been blown me away by the talent, creativity and skills of the current and future Babes!

What to barter? The ultimate question…

Sometimes potential Barter Babes will contact me saying that they want to sign up, but have “nothing good to barter” or “aren’t sure what I need.” Some have asked that I post a list of things that I would like to barter for. I thought about this, but ultimately decided against it because right now, women contact me with GREAT bartering ideas that would never have occured to me. They are excited and proud of their trade and I’m afraid that a barter list would make future Barter Babes feel like they need to conform to what was posted. That would be terrible! I would be missing out on amazing experiences!

So to those Babes who aren’t sure what they’d like to barter – THAT’S OK! Just contact me, we’ll talk it over and find something awesome.

If you aren’t sure, and want to barter with me, start thinking of things that you like to do for fun. What are your hobbies? What’s your favourite thing to cook in the kitchen? What special skills would you like to showcase? Brainstorm and don’t be intimidated! It’s the fun part – trust me!

All I want is for you to have the opportunity to showcase what you’re good at.

I don’t judge and I’m really easy to please (….that’s what she said)

Until next time, stay tuned and Barter On Babes!

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