Take Me To The Babes

As you may know, I’m struggling to pay down $2000 worth of debt and live on $35/week. While I did pay off the credit card with my line of credit to get the interest rate down, I lack the balls necessary to pay it off in full by dipping into my nest egg. Bad financial advisor.. bad.

I have given myself the arbitrary deadline of Feb 15th to pay it off or else I have to use my nest egg. Why Feb 15th? Because it’s far enough away that I feel like I have time to come up with more ideas and close enough that I’m not going to get zinged with interest for another month. If I can’t come up with a way to pay it off by then…..I’ll bite the bullet and transfer the money from my TFSA. I really really really don’t want to do this so it is time to get creative.

What can I do to pay down this debt? Wish it away? No. Wait to marry Prince William? No, Kate Middleton has dibs. Ignore it? No, tried that.

I have to make more money, and fast. Kind of a no-brainer; however, many people think that making extra money is totally impossible. Well let me tell you, desperation really lights a fire under your ass.

I have offered to shovel snow, paint rooms, de-junk a basement and more to anyone that will pay me something for my services –like the local teenager who knocks on your door asking to shovel your snow for $20. Instead of knocking on doors, I sent out emails! Much warmer.

I still have a long ways to go to reach the full $2000. Time to step it up a notch. I started to put the feelers out to my business contacts a few weeks ago and discovered that my old company was looking to have someone come in and do some training for a few days.

I asked. They said yes. Woo hoo! 3 full days of employment! LUCKY ME!

Yesterday I got up, put rollers in my hair, slipped on one of my favourite work dress and packed my high heels in my purse. Stepping onto the streetcar during rush hour was nostalgic. I’d done this so many times before. It’s funny how easily I slipped right back into my old routine. It felt like the old me for a bit. Together, confident, not worried about money.

I didn’t get a tea from somewhere that I had a gift card for or had earned a free drink. I actually spent some of my $35 on a tea at my favourite place because I could justify the $2.10 – I have a paycheck coming.

It was nice.

I have cleared my day schedule Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in order to take on the 9 – 5 this week. No bartering. No nods to the regular bloggers and staff I see every Tuesday and Thursday who have, in a way, become my coworkers. No walking around the block aimlessly thinking, planning, strategizing. No tears about what an idiot I am. The 9 -5 is not scary. It’s not messy. It’s not me anymore.

I realized at the end of day two that I don’t want this stress-free life right now. I’m thriving off this crazy-ass rollercoaster ride I’m on. This project, for all it’s ups and downs, has breathed life into me.

As wonderful as my old company is, I don’t really fit the mould anymore.

I belong with the bloggers, the bohemians and most of all, the Barter Babes.

Until Next Time…

Barter On Babes

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