Show No Go

So, the TV show is a no go. The good part is, I can FINALLY talk about it. The bad part, it’s not celebratory news.

Remember that lull in blog posts during the summer? It was because I was SO BUSY with production turning the Barter Babe concept into a new financial show!

Long story short, it didn’t get greenlighted…bummer! But it was still an awesome experience.

I didn’t realize how much stock I was putting in that show to make BBP 2.0 financially sustainable and rent-paying. Once it was a no-go, I realized… well shit, now I’m just seriously unemployed…. for real.

The whole time we were shooting, some overly optimistic part of me was just assuming that the show would be greenlighted, I mean – it was AWESOME, how could anyone not want it?!

I didn’t really think about the reality of the situation and how unlikely getting a show on a major network is in the first place. Everything seemed to be going along so well for so many months.

So close… and yet so far.

So, after an entire bottle of wine, a good cry and a good sleep in, I’ve let it go and accepted it.

But now, I’m at a bit of a crossroads. The show didn’t work out, a book seems farfetched, no additional columns are arising and I’m beginning to feel like Barter Babes may have run her course.

While I never intended to do this beyond a year, half way through the project everything changed. There was a major TV show, tons of press and all the momentum! I started thinking that maybe it wasn’t outrageous for a financially sustainable opportunity to come out of Barter Babes.

But alas, nothing yet. Sigh.

I feel like I built the perfect fire and I just keep striking matches again and again and again and again, but none of them will actually ignite. So frustrating! I can’t make Barter Babes financially viable and rent runs out in Jan.

Now that the momentum is slowing and there’s nothing new to push the project forward, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse … like the girl who peaked in high school and brings up prom at every party. I have visions of myself in my late 60s wearing too many pearls and smoking a long cigarette at the end of the bar, hitting on young men “hey, toots, I used to be the Barter Babe.”

When do I just let go and move on?

I honestly have no idea.

I will still blog and write and be a part of the barter community, but when do I stop trying to make Barter Babes financially sustainable?

I feel like I’m giving up on BBP, but I have to start something new at some point to keep moving forward.

Would it be so bad of me to start a new business? I want to start building a new fire.

Maybe the matches will finally ignite!

Onward and upwards – the next big thing!!!

This isn’t supposed to be a sad post, but a genuinely confused one. I’m so torn!!

Until Next Time….(and there will be one)

Barter On Babes



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5 Responses to Show No Go

  1. Amanda says:

    Shannon: First – Great post!!! I can understand how you feel…Sometimes my geriatric cellphone likes to mess with me and freeze, over and over again…and what do I do (rather than get a new, pretty [and $$$] “smart” phone)? I turn it off, take out the battery, restart it over and over again until it operates as normal…and eventually it does (it always does…mwahaha!). Keep striking those matches! I just KNOW that something will come along for you!
    Perhaps the next chapter for the Barter Babes project is like love. It always comes to you when you have given up all hope, come to terms that you will be lonely and single forever (and on your own terms, too, dammit!)…and then before you know it, you are waist deep in it (in a good way) :)
    You are a smart, no extremely intelligent, young woman, who, against the advice of I am sure many of your previous Bay Street peers, has enriched the lives of 310 fellow young women. That isn’t just anything! You can honestly say that you have made a difference in this world!
    Congratulations, Shannon. You have LOTS to be proud of. Fight for your dream…you have 310 Babes who got your back. <3

  2. Amanda says:

    By the way, my cellphone analogy is meant to cheer you up a bit…I don’t actually know how you feel…I haven’t done anything yet in my life that scares the sh*t out of me (yet). Inspired.

  3. Joyce Sarkies says:

    Hey Shannon,
    I am just as surprised, and disappointed, as you and everyone else, that the show didn’t happen. But, hold on, don’t give up yet. I like to think that obviously there was something that wasn’t quite right in the mix, and that there must be another way forward, or around it…
    Have you analysed why? For example, what exactly was your premise, or focus of the show, ie, goals, achievements, etc. versus what exactly was lacking from the TV, producers, etc. side. What did they say (or didn’t say) was missing? Maybe they were the wrong contacts, maybe there are other tv people out there who could help you tease out what would make it a go.
    What if you brainstorm with people on both sides of the fence, ie, barter babe people, financial people, not-for-profit people, tv people, whatever, and tease this out some more – with people who think outside the box?
    In the meantime, could you freelance in your profession, to pay the rent?
    Either way, don’t give up yet. Just keep in mind that maybe you started something small, but the concept and ideas have to evolve and grow, say, from it’s infancy and onwards towards maturity, and this may take time, months, or even years??
    Anyway, I may sound mad, but that’s just me. I don’t give up too easily. And, I believe in you because you have guts, intelligence, compassion, and a fan list (for heaven’s sake) and probably a whole bunch of other assets you may not even know you have..
    love you,

  4. Carly says:

    I hope you don’t give up on the idea of writing a book! There are a ton of ladies out there who would appreciate an interesting, easy-to-understand book about personal finance.

  5. Kate says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I’m sorry to hear about the show. I went through a similar thing with TV peeps. I wasn’t the show creator, but a participant – but everything sounded so sure, more than half the funding was locked down, all sorts of preliminary stuff filmed, and then: nope. It’s a complicated world, the world of Tee Vee.

    Anyway I think what you’ve done has been life changing for you and many of us. Whatever you do next, you will carry BBP with you and always have it within your hands to build on, or be inspired by, when the time is right.

    We’re here for you!
    - Kate

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