Ready? Set? Launch!!!

The Barter Babes project has officially begun!

Silent Auction prizes: All bartered for by fabulous Barter Babes!

Catering: All bartered for by fabulous Barter Babes (except the meatballs…. thanks mom)

Wine flowed, food was enjoyed and the place was packed! Members of the press from and were there! So amazing!

The Barter Babes Video debuted (click here to view) and was a hit!

I couldn’t be happier!!! To see photos of launch click here

I’ll keep this short and sweet because there is so much to blog about in the upcoming weeks since 22 BARTER BABES signed up at the launch!!

But first, I wanted to highlight some of the Babes who kicked off the Barter Babes Project.

The official count now is 20 Barter Babes and only 280 to go!

Have a look at the Barter Babes below! Be sure to click on the thumbnail for more information about them and their barter!

Stay tuned!

Let the bartering begin!

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