Oooooooooh Shoot!

My search for a new white wall, which by the way left me with the scariest looking blister I’ve ever seen, was futile.

However! Everything happens for a reason.  My desperation forced me to do awkward things like hang around outside of the MOCCA to see if those cars really didn’t move. I also asked possibly inappropriate questions of women I know, such as “I don’t suppose your company would loan me their reception area for my video shoot…..would they?”

Turns out, I wasn’t inappropriate at all! Love that.

One of my Barter Babes was happy to bring in my team of 10 to her company’s reception area to shoot a very important scene of the Barter Babes video on a Saturday morning!

HURRAY! There was much rejoicing.

With a full day of shooting ahead, I load a backpacking bag with all the costumes, shoes, props etc so I can be mobile all day. Dressed in my boots, peacoat and a backpackers bag…. I look like a crazy person. People stare.

Crazy LadyCrazy Lady

We meet up to shoot early on Saturday morning. I’m nervous and don’t know what to expect. Is this too much to ask of people? Is this going to work? Did I bring extra deodorant? All of the questions that pop into one’s head when one feels uncomfortable and anxious.

The shoot goes SWIMMINGLY!! Everyone is so excited, engaged and willing to get out of their comfort zone to make this scene as good as I know it can be! I’m so thrilled with the results! We are in and out within an hour.

Some shots!


Then, my wonderful videographer (also a Barter Babe) and I hit the streets to get some interviews with the women of Toronto. Again…. awkward at first….but it doesn’t take long until I’m completely in my element! It’s SO MUCH FUN! The best part about this section of the video is that it truly backs up all the field research I’ve been doing for the last two years. It’s so motivating. There’s an important reason for this project – getting paid in meatballs isn’t that crazy…right?

Young women of Toronto are totally stressing about money and they want help! It’s such a good feeling to know that I’m doing something about it.

The interview shots are amazing. The answers are so honest, especially when I’m standing in the 5-way crossing at Dundas Square with a sign that says “What Do You Stress About Most?” and an old man grumbles “I stress about crossing the street when you’re in the way!” You don’t get more honest than that, do you?

I won’t write about everything in the video, since I want you all to be surprised when it’s finished!

All in all, it’s a great day with loads of pleasant and funny surprises! I’m so excited to see it all come together!

Until next time… Barter On Babes!

Barter Babe 1.0

p.s. For the record… this white car hasn’t moved in over 7 days….. no joke.

White car....still there.White car... still there.
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