I’m Dreaming of a Bartering Christmas

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry. You’d better not pout I’m telling you why… Barter Babe 1.0 is comin’ to town!

Being sans paycheck at Christmas time forced me to get a little creative this holiday season and barter for my Christmas presents. I bartered for each gift that I gave to my family this Christmas and it was really fun.

My mom is an author (p.s. her new book Island Girl just came out and it is fabulous..not that I’m biased) and wrote a serialized murder mystery called There Goes The Bride for the Toronto Sun in 2001. This past November, my mom came across the newspaper clippings of the novella. She hadn’t done anything with them in all these years! That same week Barter Babe 37.0, an avid scrapbooker, contacted me  -  how perfect was that? It turned out beautifully. My mom was so touched by the gift. Thank you Barter Babe 37.0.

I was unsure of what I could barter as a gift for my dad, but after perusing Barter Babe

42.0’s stock photography – I knew right away. My dad is obsessed (in a completely healthy way ;) ) with our family cottage and all things that are either for the cottage or remind him of the cottage. The photo I chose is of a wooden dock on a lake. It was perfect for him. It is currently hanging in his office so that he can remember think about summer at the lake on crappy cold winter days. Thank you Barter Babe 42.0! To see more of Emily Schooley, click here!

Lastly, my sister got engaged just three days before Christmas, however, since I knew about it long before I was able to barter for a fabulous Christmas present for her and her newly engaged self. Barter Babe 46.0, aka Montreal based photographer Dallas Curow, bartered an Engagement Photoshoot Session with my sister and her new fiancé! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! I will post more about this upon completion. My sister was very touched by this gift. What a great way to celebrate their engagement. I can’t wait to see the photos when they are done. Thank you Barter Babe 46.0! For more information about Dallas Curow Photography, click here!

All in all, I was still able to give lovely gifts that had meaning to each of my family members despite the fact that I get paid in meatballs!

…. there’s something to this bartering thing.

Until Next Time,

Barter On Babes!

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  1. Lynda says:

    Touched? I was overwhelmed by the gift. I’m not good at details, and those clippings would have stayed in a drawer forever if not for the Barter Babe Project. Thank you again to Shannon and Barter Babe 37.0, Scrapbooker Extraordinaire!

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