I Heart My Dream Big Mug

I had eight Barter Babes sign up last night. Eight. Can you believe?

I used to struggle to get five women A WEEK, now they are coming in droves!

Something has happened. Something has set this into motion. I felt the switch about three weeks ago. Word is spreading and the project is taking off. I’m booking well into April – women are lining up. It’s absolutely fabulous!

I sat back this morning, drinking from my favourite “Dream Big” mug, and smiled. I do dream big. This time, however, I didn’t follow that thought with “yes, I do dream big and it’s probably going to be a waste of time.”

Everything that I hope and dream for may be starting to bloom. For the first time in nearly four months, I believe heart and soul that something really WILL come of all this.  Sweet, sweet optimism.

The Barter Babes Project is my baby and my maternal instincts have kicked in – my baby is starting to grow. I’m proud.

It’s a strange thing to write about on the blog, being proud. It almost feels like gloating, like I need to make sure everyone doesn’t think I’m being arrogant. But I’ll post this. It feels so good right now to believe in myself again!  I want to savour it.

(I literally just had a new BB sign up during the middle of this post )

I’m mostly proud of the community Barter Babes has accidentally created. Women from all slices of life are working together to create a powerful community of women. Women who take charge of their lives. Women who care about others. Women who know that their worth is more than just the dollars in their bank account.  It’s wonderful to see.

I realized this morning that the momentum and power of this project has nothing to do with me. I’m not making this project a success, you are.

So, thank you.

Thank you to my fantastic Barter Babes who amaze me on a bi-hourly basis. It’s the Barter Babes that make this project exciting and interesting! Also, thank you to all of my supporters. I’m touched every time I get a new follower or subscriber. It blows my mind that people actually care about me and this project far beyond my circle of family and friends.

I feel like one lucky gal right now. I’m having a moment of utter appreciation and I’m feeling very grateful for where I am.

Sorry to get all sappy on you.. but I wanted to share my gratitude. Sarcastic and pessimistic Shannon is likely to return if she can’t find an esthetician soon and her eyebrows form into a uni-brow.. but for today, she’s a total suck.

Until Next Time..

Barter On Babes

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One Response to I Heart My Dream Big Mug

  1. Here in Surprise Arizona, we just watched a show with Suzanne O (can’t remember her last name but she’s a financial guru) where she lectured young people on how they couldn’t afford houses unless they has 20% down and eight months salary banked away.
    It sounds to me that ordinary folk with spotty jobs, should just curl up in their parents’ basements till they die.
    Wow, I thought, Shannon should have a tv show. Something more optimistic.
    That’s what I’m dreaming for you.



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