Bartering On: Week 2

The launch is over, the routine is setting in and I’m really seeing what my life is going to be like over the next year. The next year will be full of amazing women, 300 financial plans, some heart-to-heart conversations, neat experiences and a lot of tasty, albeit bad for the waistline, food. Fortunately, I’ve got some workouts, hot yoga and belly dancing lessons coming down the pipeline to counteract!

I’m realizing that it’s difficult to match the photos each week with every Barter Babe. Many times I’m bartering for an experience and don’t walk away with the bartered goods at the end of our meeting. The personal shopper, pedicure, workout, belly dancing etc are all “experience” barters and have no photos to post as the sessions happen. I will do my best to have as many as I possibly can. Be assured, all 300 photos will exist by November 18, 2011!

Here are the Barter Babes from week two:

Barter Babe 29.0: Philosophy Salon Dinner Party! (a blog post is en route to a computer near you)
Barter Babe 30.0: Homemade vegetarian lasagna and 2 movie passes!
Barter Babe 31.0: Dress alterations – going to take advantage of this one after my Value Village shopping extravaganza which I have booked for December 15th with Barter Babe 27.0!
Barter Babe 32.0: PR Pitch/proposal (…more to come on this one as well)
Barter Babe 33.0: A months worth (at least) of homemade gourmet muffins and her secret recipe for Peaches and Cream muffins and Cranberry Coconut muffins. mmmmmm
Barter Babe 34.0: Pedicure at Etobicoke Village Wellness Spas! Waiting to cash that in for the spring and sandals!

Next week I have my AGO tour booked with Barter Babe 28.0 and my relaxing massage courtesy of Barter Babe 26.0!

Until next time…

Barter On Babes!

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