..And Now For Something Completely Different.

Screw it. I’m going for it. I’m going to try to get myself a TV show. Yes, you heard me… I’m going to attempt the impossible/unlikely/far-fetched idea of getting a Barter Babes Project financial/barter show.

This idea has been planted in my head by several people and though I have tried to dismiss it as ridiculous, that little, hopeful, optimistic voice in my head can’t let it go. Problem is – I’m completely overwhelmed and in waaaay over my head. I studied economics, not media, and sadly I don’t have any hook-ups in the biz.

I have already started the process. I reached out to my hooked up friend to put me in touch with someone in the TV world so I could be pointed in the right direction as to how the HELL someone does this?!!?! It was really helpful, but I’m back to square-one again. No responses from production companies. No contacts. No idea. I will barter with anyone for information as to how to even go about the next steps involved.

I’m embarrassed just writing this post. I don’t even want to post this because if nothing comes of this grandiose plan of mine …. then I’m just a big FAILURE and my little reptilian brain will have no problem reminding me of my idiocy and short-comings on a bi-hourly basis until the end of time. “hey, remember that time you actually thought you could get on TV? What were you thinking!!” or “trying is the first step to failure.” Ya, that sounds about right. No one ever likes to open themselves up to public judgement like this but I will post tihs because this is real. This is the real deal behind starting your own adventure and taking stupid risks. You have to say you want something and really put yourself, and your ego, on the line and not stop until someone literally says “NO!!!”

There has to be a way to do this right? I know that I’m no celebrity financial person (ala Allison Griffith or Gale Vaz-Oxlade) but I think I have something new and exciting and DIFFERENT.

I’m not going to stop. I just won’t settle for unanswered emails to info@insertproductioncorp.com, or vague instructions from receptionists or Google instructions as to “how to pitch a TV show.” I have to get to the point where someone actually looks me in the eye and says “NO Shannon, you’ve got nothing” before I will put this to bed, cry and admit defeat.

Why? Because I’m crazy….and it’s almost Sunday.

I’m having an uber-motivated moment right now. This is mainly because I’m over-caffeinated and just came back from one of my walks where I pep-talk myself into a) not picking up a bag of popcorn on the way home and; b) believing that somehow I can make all these far-fetched dreams come true.

There just has to be a way. I mean, I know it’s a lot of “right place right time” – but if I’m just there…. all the time. Constantly. Endlessly. Then eventually, one of those times will the right one, right?

I’m hellishly determined.

Obviously will lose 10 pounds, find some sort of production agency that will return an email/have mercy on my soul and then I will possibly make a mock pilot episode? Is that even how this is done? (this is not rhetorical..  if you know this answer, please email me)

I can’t stop all these ideas form floating around in my head and I need to just grab it and run with it.

It’s time.

So, please don’t judge me if this plan amounts to nothing over the next year..it’s very improbable and  it’s more likely that this post will become a source of embarrassment for me. If you notice one day that I’ve sneakily deleted it – yell at me. I shouldn’t delete it because this is exactly how it feels right in the thick of it. I’m all pumped up on optimism and adrenaline. It’s kinda fun in the moment, but it doesn’t take much to burst this buble, especially with such a hard, competitive task ahead.

These are the foolish acts one must take to play big right? Can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. Won’t make the team if you don’t try out. So, I’m strapping on some knee pads and going to try outs. (That sounded way more sexual than I meant it to, I meant volleyball because that’s the first team sport that came to mind).

As you can tell, this post is completely unedited. I think there are several typos. I’m not even reading this over because I’m going to post it THE SECOND I’m done. I don’t trust my ego myself to post it otherwise.

So please, think happy thoughts and don’t judge me if this goes nowhere.

Maybe I’ll post my mock-pilot on Youtube and Usher will sign me?

Wish me luck.


p.s. Are you noticing that this was posted on a Saturday night? I’m a little obsessed, no?

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7 Responses to ..And Now For Something Completely Different.

  1. Jenna says:

    i’ve been wondering what you wanted to do with this project. write a book? start a company or perhaps a non-profit? a TV show sounds amazing! maybe an agent could be of some help? maybe you could find one to barter with?

    one thing i’ve thought you absolutely could/should consider doing is connecting all these amazing women (haha myself included!) with one another to barter for stuff that we all need/want. a big Barter Babe network — where we could give something to one person and get something from another, or do a simple one-to-one exchange. i’m getting jealous of all the cool things you’re bartering for!

  2. Reesa Rosen says:

    Hey Shannon,
    Have you tried contacting CP24? The reason I ask is maybe they would be interested in giving you a segment. I noticed they had someone on last week (a woman) talking about how women really need financial guidance. Personally, I think it would make a fabulous show. I think you should just go down there tomorrow and try to talk to someone :)
    great balsy idea!

  3. Tara says:

    Have you thought about doing a series of Youtube or Vimeo videos on this topic? Often I feel like people get picked up when there has been a lot of interest shown. It means the production company aren’t taking as big a risk. There is already a “market” for their “product”. If you can put together a few youtube segments and get a bunch of hits, I bet that really would increase your chances at getting picked up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know the ‘W’ network has a competition every year to get new ‘W Experts’…everything from cooking to fashion to MONEY! Check out their website….

  5. Tory says:

    THIS WOULD BE AMAZING ON W!!!! You are like the next Gale!!!

  6. Katie says:

    Woo hoo!
    OMG – no one would be better for TV that you. Women of the world NEED to barter with you.

  7. lindsay says:

    Hi there, I just discovered this blog on twitter…I’m an investor with a Media Studies degree so I love this concept. I have a friend who’s a producer for the CBC and a friend who’s a producer for a new Toronto-based TV network – are you still looking for leads on a series? If you have some sort of a pitch, email it to me and I can forward it to them. Also, if you can’t score a production deal right away it might not be a bad idea to rent cameras from a film co-op and shoot an indie pilot to shop around. I’m sure you could trade financial advice with someone who has Final Cut Pro to cut it.
    good luck :)

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