Adventures at the AGO

This past Sunday, I cashed in on my private guided tour of the AGO with Barter Babe 28.0. What an amazing afternoon. I’m not above saying that my art history knowledge is somewhat lacking and I was a little intimidated at first because no one wants to come across as uncultured.

Once inside the AGO, we met up with our fabulous tour guide, Patricia, and the fun began. I haven’t been in the AGO since the reno and was blown away by the new space and design. Patricia was so knowledgeable about everything. It was lovely to have a private tour so I could ask a million questions and get the context behind many of the artists and their works. I learned so much.

There were several pieces that really stood out but my absolute favourite was James Tissot’s ‘The Shop Girl’.

Without a tour guide, I may have simply walked by this painting, nodding appreciatively because it’s pretty but lacking the context to really understand the significance.

Patricia pointed out that the woman in the painting is looking right at us. It’s as if we, the observers, are in the Parisian store and part of the scene. Is she asking us to leave? Is she holding the door politely? Have we said something rude?

It’s Paris, turn of the century, prostitution is rampant and women working outside of the home are suspect. The man outside is leering in, almost as if the woman working is on display. Does he think she is for sale as well?

I came home after the AGO and made my assessment. I think the woman looking at us is pissed about something. I think she’s looking at an ex-lover. The ribbon on the floor is in the shape of a heart…and I think her heart is broken by whoever she’s looking at and she’s showing them the door.

Have a look! What do you think? I’d love to know!

It was a wonderful afternoon and such a cool barter! Thank you Barter Babe 28.0!!!

This week I’m booked to have my relaxing massage and personal shopping session. Can’t wait.

Until next time…

Barter On Babes!

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2 Responses to Adventures at the AGO

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t have noticed the ribbon if you hadn’t pointed it out. Nice detail that changes everything. I agree. She’s kicking him to the curb. Quietly and with dignity, but also with finality.

  2. CNA Training says:

    this post is very usefull thx!

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