Monthly Archives: December 2010

Double Barter…what a night!

Wonderful debaters

I had no idea what to expect when Joanna Polley, Barter Babe 29.0 and founder of Plutarch’s Table, offered to barter a Philosophy Salon with me. What is a Salon you ask? “The word came into use in the 17th … Continue reading

Adventures at the AGO

Doing the tourist thing

This past Sunday, I cashed in on my private guided tour of the AGO with Barter Babe 28.0. What an amazing afternoon. I’m not above saying that my art history knowledge is somewhat lacking and I was a little intimidated … Continue reading

Confessions of a “Like” addict

Barter Babe 1.0

I’ve become completely consumed. Have you ever seen the movie Julia/Julia with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep? I completely understand how the young blogger became so absorbed in her project and borderline obsessed in just two weeks. This project is … Continue reading

Bartering On: Week 2

Pedicure at the Spa!

The launch is over, the routine is setting in and I’m really seeing what my life is going to be like over the next year. The next year will be full of amazing women, 300 financial plans, some heart-to-heart conversations, … Continue reading