Monthly Archives: November 2010

What to barter?… the ultimate question

Special Dietary Meal Plan

I’ve just finished my first “official” week of bartering and I LOVE my new radical life! No matter how late I stay up working, it’s really rewarding to get out there and actually DO what I said I was going … Continue reading

Ready? Set? Launch!!!


The Barter Babes project has officially begun! Silent Auction prizes: All bartered for by fabulous Barter Babes! Catering: All bartered for by fabulous Barter Babes (except the meatballs…. thanks mom) Wine flowed, food was enjoyed and the place was packed! … Continue reading

Buckle Up


Tomorrow is the launch, and The Barter Babes Project will officially begin. There will be no going back. For some reason, I can’t get the old saying “The Calm Before The Storm” out of my head. But that isn’t really … Continue reading

“Maybe I can barter with people. They can pay me in meatballs.”

And that’s exactly what Shannon Simmons is doing. Toronto – Ask financial advisor Shannon Simmons what young women are thinking about and she’ll tell you one thing: money. Forget the idea that young people are apathetic when it comes to … Continue reading